Poet Edgardo Josue Molina Lopez from Honduras

The magic of the river
José was sent to nd jutes for a good soup, he walked along the river with the water up to his knees and took the opportunity to dive and continue searching under the stones; He saw a good group of jutes, He reached his hand in and took out a golden snail.

– What a beautiful jute! He thought.

He was running home and when he saw his mother in the kitchen, he gave to her the jutes and showed the golden jute. The lady told him that the snail was normal and common. The snail had changed its color and Jose felt very upset about what happened.

He went out into the yard and started kicking the fallen leaves of the almond and mango trees, he took some leaves and with anger he rubbed them in both his hands and when they were dropped they had turned into money.

The golden jute had given him the power to turn the leaves into money. The family quickly stopped being poor, but kept the secret of all the people of the town. They were told to the neighbors that they had won the lottery, although José, even disobeying his parents, began to give money to the poorest people he knew. He kept the secret of the origin of his money and one day his parents decid- ed to move to the city.

Already in the city He could not nd leaves with the purpose of transforming them into money; On the other hand, his parents always wanted more and more and José could not continue helping others. One day, the boy lost the magic that the golden jute had given him. His parents punished him because they thought he did not want to help anymore, they thought maybe he got tired and tried to stop asking him to make money. Everything was in vain, in the end, José and his family returned to the town hoping to nd the golden jute again.

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