An Excellent Research work on Birendranath Sasmal by Dr. Rahul Kumar Mohanta

The theme of the present work is no biographical sketch of Birendranath Sasmal in conventional sense, the stormy petrel of Bengal politics during the first quarter of the twentieth century , but more than a mere biography. Surprisingly enough, Birendranath’s valuable service to his motherland has not been given its due recognition by most of the Indian historians.The purpose of my research is to place and evaluate the work of Birendranath in the context of his time, which is full of political and social complexities and cross-currents. It is expected that this work will bring to light some new facts to facilitate a correct appraisal of Birendranath’s valuable services to his motherland. This may mark a significant contribution to modern Indian historiography.The paucity of systematic records, the apathy of some chronicles make the job of proper estimation of Birendranath a daunting task Untill the partition of Bengal in 1947, the personalities like Chittaranjan Das, Subhas Chandra Bose, H.S. Suhrawardy, Fazlul Huq and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee stayed as the originating spirit of different political developments and set the pulse of colonial Bengal politics. They were the few among others who had contributed in their way to make their political ideology more special than their contemporaries. It is amazing that most of the scholars on Sasmal as yet only given importance to political activities of Sasmal but have neglected the spirit of his thought and ideas as well as his accomplishments in Bengal and relations with contemporaries he lived in during period under review. Midnapore, as it is known is situated in the south-western part of West Bengal played an important role in India’s freedom struggle. To understand the genesis and character of the national movement in Midnapore, we have to peep through the life and activities of Deshapran Birendranath Sasmal, whose glorious services are still fresh in the memory of the people of Midnapore nay Bengal at large. Deshapran Sasmal was a great freedom fighter, political thinker and social reformer. In this light he may rightly be called as an uncrowned king of a Midnapore
The present research is the background and contribution of Birendranath Sasmal in Bengal during the period under review. The present research will enrich the understanding of his life and contributions. The fact of the rarity of books on the political thought of Sasmal requires no elaboration. But the question of revisiting his political thought and contributions in order to find out the relevance of his ideas in the context of modern Indian socio-cultural, political conditions have yet been taken up by any scholar of intellectual history. The present work is the first attempt to fill in the blank of contemporary Indian intellectual history and political thought.
Dr.Rahul Kumar Mohanta has been post graduated from Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata and secured first class. His areas of specialization as well as areas of research are Modern Indian History, Politics in Twentieth Century Bengal , History of Environment, Politics of Ethinicity in Contemporary India, Film, Gender and Religious Studies. He has been awarded M.Phil from University of North Bengal with Grade ‘A’. He has been awarded Ph.D from Raiganj University. He has taught History in Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University,West Bengal and Maynaguri College (Jalpaiguri, W.B.). He has author red one book titled Birendranath Sasmal and Provincial Politics in Colonial Bengal(1905-1934)(2020) and Published five edited books namely Exploring Bengal: Essays on History,Gender,Religion & Economy (2018), Redefining India (2019), Inventing History & Beyond(2019),A Collage of Indian History(2020) and Narrating Indian History(2020).He has published papers in National and International Journals. He has presented papers and participated in different International and National seminars and conferences across the Universities of India and abroad.He is Life member of Itihas Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Association of Third World Studies South Asia Chapter. He is also an Annual Member of Indian History Congress.

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