Awarness is more important than Anxiety and Panic : Professor Dr. Zahid Haque : H.E. Professor Dr. Zahid Haque is the Senior Advisor for Asia Pacific from the World Sports Alliance,United Nations advised on various issues to solve the corona virus problem of Bangladesh.
Do you think that the government is on the right track in preventing the virus spread?
Dr.Zahid Haque : Government is in the right track in preventing the viruses but as a responsible citizen of Bangladesh we need to help Government to prevent the viruses.
What are your advices to the common people?
Dr.Zahid Haque : For the common people my advises are as follows. Don’t be panic and for Covid-19 Awarness is the main weapon.
Please don’t go outside without any works,Try to avoid mixing with people or mass gathering,Avoid any programs or functions,keep distance from others atleast 1 miter or 3 feet,Wash your hands frequently at least 20 seconds,No need to wear mask every time just use it if u go to public place or if u have cough,Cold, Sneezing or fever,keep maintain social distance,If u have sign symptoms like Corona virus please stay at home Quarantine,the Corona sign symptoms are like high fever,Dry cough,Throat pain, Difficulty in breathing,If u feel too bad about difficulty of breathing immediately call the help line or consult your doctor.
Don’t be panic,Corona virus treatment is like general flu and fever.
Corona virus is a disease of viral born.So no antibiotics will work on that.Antibiotics works only bacterial infection.So don’t use any antibiotics and pain killer.
Is rising of temperature going to slowdown the spread of the virus?
Dr.Zahid Haque : From research we can see that the lower temperature is suitable for growing the Corona viruses like China,South Korea,Italy,Iran,Spain,UK.But if we see the high temperature countries like Singapore, Malaysia,Hong Kong the virus spread is less.So there is a hope for Bangladesh that the temperature is high here.
The impact of the lock down will hit the low income group very hard, what is the way out?
Dr.Zahid Haque : The impact of the lockdown will definitely hit the low income group very hard but for the greater benefits of the countries we need to sacrifice for few days or weeks.At this situation the low income group will be more suffers.So it’s our moral duty to help them.Government alone can’t do much we must help to Government.Besides Government we as the responsible citizen of the country we need to help them from our own.The owner of all industries must look after their workers.We must look after the low income group like Rickshawpuller,Daily worker,etc to help them and Government should take a policy to give then ration. We have many philanthropist in our society so that they can help their local community.
What is the current situation of Bangladesh compared to other South East Asian countries?
Dr.Zahid Haque : Bangladesh is in in a better condition compared to other South East Asian countries like Sri lanka, India,Pakistan and Malaysia.
Do we need more volunteers or forces to help out Nation?
Dr.Zahid Haque : We need more volunteers like BNCC,Scouts and other Volunteers Association to aware the mass population and help them not to panic.Bangladesh Defence Forces are highly trained and capable enough of tackling the spreading of Covid-19. UN is also ready to help the Police Forces, BGB, Fire Service and Civil Defence, Ansar VDP.
Is the situation favourable which the government has taken?
Dr.Zahid Haque : Honourable Prime Minister has taken a very remarkable decision to deploy the Army.Because according to our observation of the past 2 days there were no infected cases detected due to the lock down across the nation.Honorable Prime Minister ordered people to stay at home, practice social distancing and to maintain good hygiene.
Who is High risk for Corona Viruses?
Dr.Zahid Haque : Elderly people, People with multiple diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes,Kidney diseases are very vulnerable. But young adult and children should be also very careful.
Is there any specific vaccine for Corona Virus?
Dr.Zahid Haque : Vaccines are not yet introduced. Researchers are claiming Hydroxychloroquine and Azythromycin are working for corona virus.I would suggest people not to use those drugs because they are not proven.Research is going on frequently.
Interviewer is Senior Advisor, World Sport Alliance, UN and Renowned Public Health Expert.  

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