Celina Jaitly to dance on Tagore song Sajani Sajani in Ram Kamal’s Season’s Greetings

Monjurul Islam Megh, Dhaka : Bollywood actor Celina Jaitly will be seen dancing to Sajani Sajani Radhikalo, a song originally composed by national poet Rabindranath Tagore in Maithili language. This song is a part of Tagore’s Bhanusingher Padaboli. The song is a part of Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s critically acclaimed film Season’s Greetings, used as metaphor in the movie. In a special video Celina will be seen with transgender actor Shree Ghatak performing on the track. The song has been rearranged by Shailendra Kumar, the music director and co producer of the film. Kolkata based vocalist Sayani Palit makes her singing debut in Bollywood with this track. “We can call it a mashup version because we have merged two Tagore songs in one. The basic track of Sajani Sajani merges with Bengali song Shokhi Bhabona, to create cinematic layer in the narrative,” explains director Ram Kamal Mukherjee.

May 9th marks 159th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, and makers are planning to release a special video of Celina performing on the song. “I am a secret to share,” says Celina. “Since past two weeks I have been hearing this song on my music system in Austria, and my son Arthur is completely hooked on to this song. Being a German boy, he loves music. And he would refuse to sleep unless I sing the song as lullaby for him.”

Incidentally Celina and transgender actor Shree Ghatak performed a dance number as an additional music video, but unfortunately due to lockdown and few technical issue the music video will be released later. “We didn’t want to miss out on Rabindra Jayanti. It’s a nation wide celebration of Tagore’s work,” says producer Aritra Das. He feels that this is the right time to talk about Tagore songs, as Bollywood rarely used original lyrics of Tagore, mostly they are translated into Hindi.

Incidentally, Sayani Palit, the playback singer, is visually challenged, who is gifted with a marvelous voice. Critics and audiences have appreciated her voice and music in the film. “I am grateful to my music director Shailendra ji and my director Ram Kamal sir for giving me this opportunity to sing the song. I believe Celina and Shree Ghatak are extremely beautiful actors and they must have enriched the song visually. It was a tough call for Ram Kamal sir to retain an original Tagore song in a Hindi film, as none of the films ever used his Maithili songs,” says Sayani Palit.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote Bhanusingher Padabali at the age of sixteen. He was inspired by the Braj or Maithili language of poets like Kalidasa, Vidyapati and Tulsidas. The first song of Bhanusingher Padabali was ‘Gahana Kusuma Kunja Majhe’ (sung by Jaan Kumar Sanu and Sarbani Mukherjee) and interestingly he has changed the lyrics many a times and the last or latest version of the song which we hear nowadays is the revised and most probably the eighth version of the song. Bhanusingher Padabali chronicle the romance between to the eternal lover Radha and Krishna. When director Ram Kamal Mukherjee decided to make Seasons Greetings he was quiet sure that he will use two of Bhanusingher Padabali in his film as it was never used in mainstream Bollywood movies and nationally most of the people are not aware of the impact of these poems and the inner meaning of the songs. Producer Aritra Das and Sahilendra Kumar was convinced and excited about the idea of the songs in the movie and that’s why they zeroed on ‘Gahana Kusuma Kunja Majhe’ and ‘Sajani Sajani Radhika Lo’. Both these songs are nice romantic songs and dedicated to Radha-Krishna’s eternal love story and beautifully used in the film as a connotation of loneliness and celebration of love without keeping any barrier of gender and age. “It’s the most beautiful part of the movie, I love Gahana Kusum in Sarbani’s voice because it’s pristine,” says Lillette Dubey who plays the role of mother in the movie. Produced by Aritra Das and Shailendra Kumar the film is currently streaming on Zee5 Premium.

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