Chinese Poet Liao Zhili’s Poem

 “Weishan Vista*”

by Liao Zhili(China)


Hollow bamboo sways, giving an air of nothingness.

Persimmon makes lanterns, to decorate a festive world.


The rain tarries,

but a cool breeze has arrived.


My hands are empty,

my eyebrows lowered, my fists inward.


The theory of a mulberry leaf:

life will wither, life will fade. . .


Translator’s note:

* Weishan, place name in Hunan Province


Translated by Duck Yard Lyricists


About : Poet Liao Zhili(廖志理): National first-class writer, chairman of Loudi Writers Association. In 1995, he attended the “Youth Poetry Society” of the “Poetry Magazine” and won the Hunan Youth Literature Award in the same year. In 2001, he attended the Fifth National Young Writers’ Creation Conference. He published a collection of poems “Library of Hundreds of Literature and Art of Hunan Army·Poetry Square·Liao Zhili Volume”, “Dawn of Dawn” and so on. published”Liao Zhili Poetry Research Collection” In 2017.