Chinese Poet Sha Ke’s Poem

“Yearning for Something in Future “

             by Sha Ke (China)


Attracting my attention,

A feather now drifts to and from

At the corner of my eye.

Intentionally, I let it

Fall onto my shoulder.


In future, there will be a flock of birds

Swarming onto me

And I wave an arm

To first let the smallest one fly

For I’m too busy to attend them all.


In the crowded sky,

Fly with ease,

Take back the feather from the past.


About: Poet Sha Ke, a well-known contemporary Chinese poet, first-class writer, and literary critic. After 1960, he was born in southern Anhui and lives in Nanjing. Experienced in many media magazine reporters, chief editors, part-time professors of universities, visiting scholars of Peking University, consultants of government, education and art institutions, etc. Now he works in literary research, literary editing, and literary association.