Chinese poet Tang Chengmao’s Poem


                By Tang Chengmao(China)


The humid body, in the manner of a snake, forces happiness

To make a detour.

The spring can hardly wait.

The flowers in the pond flutter their wings

And grow up against the wind.

The divine bird in your dream, rests at heart, in the most secret place,

While you neglect it.


Youth shakes and sways. Dream’s ink is not yet dry.

Yesterday’s great snow, which covered all the mountains and

fields, soothed the many worldly disputes.

The spring wind is again stepped by spring, around the heart,

And makes squeaky sounds.


Wisteria and some philosophies have built comradery, and no longer get entangled

With earthly affairs. The sparrow’s conversation with azaleas

Is pregnant with meanings.


In the ancient well before the entrance door, there is a volume of Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

There’s no mud in the well. Only when there’s no living water in politics,

Can the hundred-year-old well

Preserve her chastity.


The grown-up plantains, and kindness

Are slowly chewed by the naked yellow cow.

The sycamore tree makes its way through the storms, and when it’s twilight,

Every drop is spring fever.

The passing years inside the pipe glitter and glitter.

All the village paths are relocated for the first snow of 2002.

The folk customs are washed again and again.

The old man with white beard wearing bamboo hat and morality, stands at the heart of the village,

Stands at the critical part of nation and family, Just like a veteran at the front guarding his trench.

My townsmen soaked in bitter water, and my celestial nostalgia Have preserved the rustic spring time,

And the simplicity upon the thousand-year-old stone path.


About : Poet  Tang Chengmao(唐成茂), National First-class Writer, member of the Chinese Writers Association, vice president of International Chinese Poetry Association, trustee of The Poetry Institute of China, chief editor of literary magazines, visiting professor at Sichuan University of Media and Communication.  Tang was also the executive director of the fourth Chinese Haizi Poetry Award committee, general producer of the second Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala, vice director of the third Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala committee, executive director of the first Ten Best Contemporary Chinese Poets assessment committee.  Tang has published literary works of several million words in domestic and foreign newspapers and periodicals such as October, Chinese Writers, Literature, Shi Kan.  Several of his works have been serialized in newspapers and periodicals.  Tang also received Spain’s International Poet Laureate Award and the Chinese New Poetry Centenary Hundred Best Poets Award.