Death and Survival

Death and Survival
Sikta kazol

My Best Beloved Star , do you hear an announcement ? The youngest daughter of Kusumpur’s Talukdar, the land lord, is dead . She expired while it was still a yellow afternoon . She died while she was just three thousand three hundred and forty days only. She suffered frantically from a deadly Psycho disease . In her heart there grew an island. There was a home par excellence . The crickets buzzed the evening courtyard. Flowers of grass covered end to end . Dewdrops dropped and collected over the bayonets of paddy plants . The young girl used to run and hop on the beaten tracks along Sonaitoli waterhole and kajla spurs . A certain day, her Frock gave way to wind and she saw her knee is swept by fresh stream of blood . She panicked and shouted. Lucky, Aankhi ,Veena, the friends took her home . There was a huge congregation of women, who had been sorting out freshly dug up potatoes . She reaches her mother, the best protector. She smiles and smiles. “Flower has arrived, flowers arrived”, mother calls up the aunts. The next three days there was a storm that swept over her body, rather a Tornedo, as if. The daughter grows up. Leaves the village, moves to the township . The small girl once unites the village and the town , herself becomes a palace. One day a hungry fox enters the palace and ransacks everything. Blood drops on the floor of the palace , the girl remains dumbstruck, motionless. Next she plans to migrate with a foreigner youth and tells a story of falsehood. Hides all the truth behind the ransacking of the palace and passes some dateless days of happiness . A River suddenly flows between and sweeps out all the falsehood. The youth becomes thunderstruck seeing the truth. There is no blossom in the palace . The Youth wants a fresh flower. Can a flower of the evening be a fresh one ? The girl thereafter sees a strange corpse while asleep . The corpse resembles her own face. The youth finds himself in the heart of a girl of nineteen . The liar girl becomes an obituary . She unties button of wind and enters her own life, where droplets of blood becomes the annals of her tears. The youth is now a kite, it revolves and flies according to the worldly myth. The girl lies as if a sky over the sky. Flies the nutshells in her own way. Do you see My Best Beloved Star ??

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