Filmmaker Monjurul Islam Megh appointed as an Ambassador of IICYFF

Staff Reporter : Bangladeshi filmmaker Monjurul Islam Megh has become the Youth Ambassador of the Indian Children and You Film Festival (IICYFF) 2021. Megh confirmed to the media.

Festival director Shubham Apurwa has invited Monjurul Islam Megh to participate in the upcoming IICYFF as a youth ambassador through an emailed message. Megh will represent the festival as an ambassador for the global youth community.

Megh said, I ‘m an ambassador for the first time, the feeling is different. I have previously served as a jury member at six international film festivals, participating as a curator and delegate at many international film festival. However, the first time I was a goodwill ambassador so this joy is a little more. I would like to give full credit for my present position to my senior film directors, whose path we are following, let the Bengali film win, let the Bengali film win the world.

It is mentioning that Monjurul Islam Megh is a Bangladesh Government’s Feature film fund winning screenwriter and Filmmaker. He is also the jury, curator and distributor of the International Film Festival. Monjurul Islam Megh is already one of the most well known film personalities in South Asia. He is also the director of the Cinemaking International Film Festival.