Greece Poet Eva Petropoulou Lianoy’s poem

Wishes become prayers
Prayers become words in the God ears
Wispers coming from Angels
My poetry is a bridge between earth and heaven
One request i have
One word i cry out
… Peace…
… Peace…
… Peace….
©®Eva Petropoulou Lianoy
Metaphor of hearts
The bird said if you ever decide to love me,
I hope you have two hearts with you to give me one … The last one who told me that he loves me so much, deeply entered my old heart, made it fall apart and melt away ..
Since then, I fly high without a heart with the clouds of the company ..
So, if you love me, keep that in mind, I’ll need a heart … a loan heart …
©®Eva Petropoulou Lianoy
 Mother is the doctor for any sickness
Mama is the country that everyone loves
without conquering
 Mama is joy and sorrow Mama the power
Mama the forgiveness
One word was created by God To forgive people
 Say it every day
 Call her if they put chains on you
To sweeten it the wound
To bring  peace
My mom, you’re unique
 You never told them you were upset With gold I will cherish you
Chosen person
 I crown you My mother
 My sun
My compass
© ® Eva Petropoulou Eva Petropoylou Lianoy
Before you exist
You were a thought in my soul
Before you speak
I understand your words
For years
Loneliness was my companion
See the stars
Make wishes
Before i met you
I knew your parfum
Before you speak
I understand your soul
See the birds
Make wishes
Before you imagine
I draw a circle
I see you in and me
Before you kiss me
I feel your lips
Your body
A fireball
Burning me
Before i leave
I will never say goodbye
©®Eva Petropoulou Eva Petropoylou Lianoy
About writer :Eva was born in Xylokastro where she completed her basics studies. She loved journalism by small and attended journalism lesson at the ANT1 School. In 1994 she worked as a journalist in French newspaper “Le LIBRE JOURNAL,” but her love for Greece won and returned to her sunny home. Since 2002, she lives and works in Athens.She works as a web radio

producer reading fairy tales at radio logotexniko vima every sunday. Recently she become responsible for the children literary section in Vivlio anazitiseis publications in Cuprys.

She published books and ebooks: ” I and my other avenger, my Skia publications Saita.” “Zeraldin and The elf of the lake” in Italian and in French as well as “The daughter of the Moon” in 2 languages ​​English and Greek. The Moon Daughter published by Ocelotos 4 times, received best reviews for author’s writing and writing style.

She is a member of the Unesco Logos and Art Group, of the writers of Corinth, of Panhellenic Writers Association. Also her work is mentioned in the Known Greek awarded encyclopedia for Poets and authors, Harry Patsi, page 300.

Her books have been cleared by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

Eva’s recent work includes: “The water Amazon fairy called Myrtia” ,illustrated by Vivi Markatos, dedicated to a girl that become handicap after a sexual assault and the translation of stories of Lafcadio Hearn, “Fairytravel with stories from Far East”, an idea that she worked more than 6 months illustrated by MsNtinaAnastasiadoy, very known sculptor and sumi e painter in Greece.

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