Humayun Festival Prize Distribution

On the 72th birth anniversary of Humayun Ahmed the `Team Utsob’ of Agricultural University in collaboration with e-book store Sheiboi has organized ‘Ananta Nakkhatrabithi Ebong Ekjon Humayun’ across the country. The competition was organized with photography and painting. On 14th December Sheiboi officially handed over the prizes for the winners to  the `Team Utsob’. On the same Dyu Publication handed over their prizes to the `Team Utsob’.

Members of the `Team Utsob’ ‘were present at the handover of the prizes with AGM of Raven Systems Ltd Yasir Arafat,  Filmmaker Anarya Murshid.

Anarya Murshid said, “The word of ‘competition’ is creating a mental disorder in our society. It destroys individuals, organizations, everything. I don’t think anyone took part in this event for the slightest material prize. Everyone just took part from the favorite place. Our social responsibility is also practiced through these events. There are more than 500 free e-books in Sheiboi app. In addition to the winners, all participants will receive two free e-books from Sheiboi.’’

A member of the public relations department of the `Team Utsob Ashiqul Islam Sajjad said, “Because of Corona, we organize the event online. It starts on October 20 and ends on November 13. Our wise judges declared 18 winners in various subjects. We will send the prizes to the recipients ASAP. The winners of the festival are- Mehdi Hasan Ayan, Umme Hani Ritu, M Miraj Hossain, Maria Afsa, Fujara Akhter, Abdullah Al Maruf, Shakera Akhter Nipu, Sumaiya Jannat Supti, Md. Mahibur Rahman Doha, Samia Sultana, Rukia Tuz Johra, Emon, Fahad Hossain Fahim, Rifah Sanjida, Md. Rafat Hasan, Tousif Islam Nahyan, Samir Ahmed Sohan, Nafisa Sadaf. (Press Release)