Indian Poet Biswarup Sinha Roy’s Poem

A day on the sea beach

A full clockock leisure,

hitting a sea shore

not far cry

stoke up the drooping spirit,

standing between the expanses

above and below,

rinsing face with sprinkling brine grains,

reinless wind’s boundless fondling,

ebbing tides’ drowning foot

wash away all tainted thought.


Here neither water nor sand

once seizes my body

dont grant return

the gloaming, the dawn

tastes different than usual

the creepy crabs’ hide and seek

scattered mollusks’ radiant glow

a giant conch shell is a heaven’s gift

for it is blown at home to shake our lord


The jingling childrens’ aimless run

for they have left the time behind at home

parents turn blind

they are open to world of fun


my mind try to find the lil me in them

but got to pack up

pack up  the full week’ s spirit

immersing all lethargy

for it is a blink time today turns tomorrow.

Biswarup Sinha Roy come from India.

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