Indian Poet Parvathy Ramachandran’s Poem

Long, thick black hairs

 Once she had very long hairs.

And every person admired her-

For the long, thick black hairs!

And I presumed her, as strong as them.

Epocs made her ripe enough.

To be hitched hereafter!

Well, good contracts forged in-

In promise to keep her well.

Over the years, ears longed to hear-

And all seemed out for the count.

Then another, crow cawing dawn-

The news, did wide awake us.

He was tied beneath her chin.

And hung down in cloud nine!

In the curve of her bosom.

With her long, thick black hairs!


Close your eyes!

In prior dim the lights.

For there is always,

Truth in darkness.

The truth that is-

So ashamed!

To shine when,

Lights are on.

The truth that is-

So hesitant!

To come to fore,

For its bruteness.

The truth that is-

So scared!

To declare when,

Sickles surround they.

The truth that is-

So in bewilderment!

To be true when,

The unjust opponents hacks.

The truth that is-

So much wealthy!

Knows to be wise.

When Wisdom really deserve.

Slowly truth shuts-

It’s vicinity.

Later reverberates ,

Into the minds.

And now darkness,

Drives the truth.

Truth to light –

Light shuts your eyes.

About Poet: Hailing from the Trivandrum, the capital city of the green paradise Kerala, Parvathy Ramachandran is a writer and educator. She started her career as humble as a teacher at Al Noor International School, Bahrain, before she joined TKMM College, Nangiyarkulangara as Assistant Professor of English. She has also served Sree Narayana College for Women, Kollam. Parvathy’s fields of interest include poetry, short fiction, Trans-cultural Studies, Gender Studies etc. She has presented papers in a number of national and international Seminars. Her articles on contemporary issues have found their place in a few online platforms too. Her first anthology of poems “Late Night Lantern” , was recently launched by the Hon’ble Governor of Kerala, Shri Arif Mohammed Khan and was published by Indus Scrolls.

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