Indian Poet Sreetanwi Chakraborty’s Poem

Autumn musings


It is again a story,

It is yet again a story told twice, not the idiot’s life full of ‘sound and fury’

The streaks of vermillion setting in the distant sky, calling names of pealing nothingness…culling the shadows that have hindsights to them.

It is once more a story,

The kaleidoscope of the maroonish-brown coat and chequered scarf bobbing down the serrated pathways,

As the silhouette moved on, the day-breeze conspired

As the lady in maroonish-brown thwarted the gurgling of daily life,

As the frost-smitten window tried to capture one last glimpse of her…

Perched on the shadowy lanes of the ‘here and now’.

She could be your muse

She is a cannibal

She could the supple flesh of submission that you could lovingly label your ‘wife’

She is a drizzle

Pointed, taut and rigid…scuffling through the mosaic of night, day, winter, spring, autumn, time and infinity…

Allaying her unknown fears and interviewing the sparrows perched on the black overhead wires bobbing down the serrated pathways,







Jet black

The chequered scarf awaits the autumnal crush…

Sreetanwi Chakraborty come from Kolkata, India.  

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