Indian Poet Sujata Pal’s Poems 

In Between Us…
Mine I is full of mistakes
Yours you are fully right,
Yet hope to be everything alright
Hence I no more fight.
Mine I is devoid of wisdom
Yours you are very much learned ever,
Hence you argue as well fall out
When I think better to be illiterate myself forever.
Mine I is contented with simple living
While yours you is habituated with luxurious life style,
Though I get upset when you look down upon those needy ones
By whom your each and every demand is fulfilled.
Mine I is calm like hare
Where yours you is like a dear,
I wanted to adjust with all these
But you tried to change yourself never.
On The Way…
On the way of my exodus
I came across with a few guys
Who made me learn several things
And helped me to realise.
Firstly I met with a business tycoon
Who roared of his wealth and other valuables,
My soul had begun to feel suffocation then
And I tried to find way anyhow to come out from that cage.
Then I perceived an unemployed
Who was totally depressed for not being able to fulfil the basic needs after having high education,
Again I felt uneasiness to note the wretched situation.
Next I happened to meet with some proud figures
Who were interacting with each other having their wisdom
That they might be regarded as the know all and
There too the flavour of pride filled the air,
Hence recoiled instantly from them.
Lastly I came across with a tiny fairy
Who was playing in the grove with all her freedom,
No sign of pride, nor any ego was felt there
I just stared at a stretch to bring the message for ever that
The life we have received by the kind creator
Should lead it without any ill feeling and unfair.
Sujata Pal’s come from Tripura, India. 

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