Indonesian Poet Rini Valentina’s Poem

Rini Valentina
What is love like
When the clouds hide full of secrets
What is it like to fondle the stars
When the dark sky joke cheerfully
Or maybe let the heart be quiet
Being a spectator coldly like in the sea of snow of Mount Kilimanjaro
Just stay calm
Behind a thick dark blue blanket
Shut the lips up poor comments
My pencil is lazy to reap poetry
My book has been torn here and there
My lips forget to wear the lyrics of song
Although longing filled my hair
Even though your smile is stalking like a detective
Pretend to have blind eyes and deaf ears
By leaving the fingers
Writing more poems
Maybe the poor rhythm
Maybe without tone
Let it go
Feeling longing
Even though the heart is fast asleep waiting for morning
And the sky is clouding
Because the sun is ashamed and running
Feeling my  longing  …
Samarinda October 7,  2020 (6.36 am)
About writer : Rini Valentina is an author, editor, poet, translator and self publisher from Indonesia. She has published 21 books since 2018 to 2020. Her quotes is writing and publish your mind…It doesn’t matter whether it will be a best seller or not! Write and publish to your heart’s content !!!

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