JIFF will be held on 17th to 21st January 2020

Monjurul Islam Megh : 

Documentary Film AMERICAN MIRROR: INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY and Rajasthan based film Chidi Balla will open JIFF 2020

Masterpiece Film Faust – A Return From the Future and Chinese Film Sun Rises From the East Pole will be the Closing Films of JIFF 2020

First time in the History of Film Festivals, a Non – Fiction [Documentary] would be the Curtain Raiser of JIFF

Four MASTERPIECE FILMS of MODERN CINEMA to be Opening and Closing Films of JIFF 2020

Jaipur. The year 2020 is going to begin with a super – grand start! Screening of Films across the world for five days, talks, and dialogues and so much more related to the world of cinema is going to happen. Established with a special identity, Jaipur International Film Festival [JIFF] 2020 is going to kick off in a splendid manner and not merely people of Pink City, but entire world’s cine lovers are excited about the Festival.

The Jaipur International Film Festival [JIFF], organized by Jaipur International Film Festival Trust and Aryan Rose Foundation, will be inaugurated at the Inox Cinema Hall, GT Central on 17th to 21st January 2020.

The opening ceremony of JIF 2020 will be held on 17th January from 5 pm in Maharana Pratap Auditorium, where the opening films of the festival will be screened.


With consistent steps of success, this year is going to be the 12th edition of Jaipur International Film Festival. Evidently, Opening and Closing Films of JIFF 2020 would make it more special. This is the first time, when a Documentary Film would be the Curtain Raiser of a Film Festival, and the Film is – American Mirror: Intimations of Immortality.

AMERICAN MIRROR: INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY is one hour 2 minutes long Documentary Feature| Experimental Film, directed by Arthur Balder. Film from United States of America; portrays about the brutal truths of the current lives. On our Instagram | Facebook pages, we show only the best part of ourselves, the BEAUTIFUL part of our lives. We hide ourselves in this fake world. We are so immersed in the process of creating our Ideal Virtual Personality that we forget about real life. We forget the simple truth that beauty is inside. The film subtlety focuses on a social issue that has global reach – how we perceive and judge ourselves and the others in a world dominated by social media, which demands Perfect Beauty and Instant Gratification.

The Film stars OSCAR Winner Susan Sarandon

The film stars Susan Sarandon, who has won 1 Oscar award and has been nominated for 4 Oscar Awards till now. On the other, Film with its relevant subject, has won many prestigious awards.

Rajasthan based film Chidi Balla to open JIFF 2020

JIFF 2020 is going to open with the Film Chidi Balla. This is no less than good news for Rajasthan people to see this Rajasthani film to be the curtain raiser of JIFF 2020. This 51 minutes long film is an ode to Art, Heritage and Culture of the Royal Rajasthan.

Radheshyam Pipalwa directed SMASH [Chidi – Balla] is based on Fatehpur located Shekhawati High School, where Bhagat is faced with the daunting task of saving the school from shutting down. The only way he can save the school is by improving its academic results; which is impossible in a village that gambles and fritters away their time. The other option available for him is to somehow inspire the school to win the State Level Badminton Tournament.

The Principal summons Bhagat and explains to him about the crisis faced by the school to stay afloat. Bhagat enjoys playing Chidi Balla [colloquial term for a casual game of shuttle-cock usually played with make-shift equipment and court] with his gang and has no idea about BADMINTON, is suddenly burdened with the responsibility of saving his school. Without formal training| proper resources or even a coach, can Bhagat transform his game of Chidi Balla to Badminton and triumph against all odds to save his school?

In Bhagat’s quest to save the school, the indolent villagers rally around him and in the process; they themselves transform and turn over a new leaf. They go on to reclaim the forgotten heritage and culture of Rajasthan and take it to its past glory. This film pays our tribute to the rich ART, MUSIC & SPORTS traditions of Rajasthan through a humble tale of the indomitable human spirit.

Chidi Balla Cast: Chetan Sharma, Mayur More, Abhimanyu Singh, Suneel Sinha, Shishir Sharma, Vineet Sharma, Sanjay Singh, Surendra Rajan, Samarth Shandilya and Maya Rachel McManus…

Now you might want to know which will be the Closing Films of Jaipur International Film Festival 2020. Considered a Masterpiece in the world of Cinema, the film Faust – A Return from the Future will be the Closing Film of JIFF 2020, which will be screened on 21st January at Inox Cinema Hall, GT Central.
Masterpiece Film Faust – A Return From the Future from Greece to be the closing film of JIFF 2020

Directed by Maria Alexea, 1 hout 21 minutes long film Faust – A Return from the Future from Greece is a masterpiece in the world of cinema. The theme of this film, which would be shown in the closing ceremony of the Jaipur International Film Festival, is based on great Poet Gothe’s creation Faust. The film explores the current society, that too in a very unique way. Through dance, painting and other genres of art, society is shown through symbolism, which keeps the audience engaged.

Undoubtedly director Maria has given a milestone film to World Cinema. The central character in the film is a creator, who understands the truth of life through a relationship with a human demon. The theme of the film is very relevant, connecting everyone.

Lighting used in the film maintains the mood of the film. The editing of the film also adds to the impact of the film. This film depicts the story through gestures, as the film’s theme moves forward with dance steps. The film is solely ‘poetic’ in nature.

Sun Rises from the East Pole is a 92 minutes long Feature Fiction Film from China, directed by Phenoix Dong. Film is about a common girl Yueyan Zhu, who disappears just a day before the wedding. Her future husband is a celebrity that every girl wants to marry. In such a situation, why is Yueyan disappeared?

However, this turn in the marriage also gets covered in the headlines. At the same time, the mother of celebrity Zixuan finds that both are legally married several days before the wedding ceremony. She wants both of them to get divorced, so that Zixuan’s property will be protected. Now she assigns the job to the lawyer to get to the bottom of Zixuan and Yueyan’s relationship.

It is a matter of great pleasure that the directors and crew members of the Opening and Closing films would also attend Jaipur International Film Festival. Of course, this is a happy occasion for film lovers and enthusiasts.

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