Man’s Best Friend

Sabeera Keyfiath: 

“Dog’s are a man’s best friend” isn’t just a saying but an honest truth.

Loyalty,honesty and true love is hard to find these days. Dog’s aren’t after your money but they’re after your love. Show a little bit of love to them and they will serve you till their last breathe.

It is said that if you serve a human for 3 years they’ll forget you in 3 days but if you serve a dog for only 3days they will serve you for the rest of their life.

One of the greatest story of love,trust and story of a true friendship was about Hachiko and his station master.

Hachiko was a japaneseAkita dog still remembered for his remarkable loyalty towards his owner,who waited for nine years at the station for his owner after his death.

There are loads and loads of incredible stories like Hachiko.

These special pets has specialty of loving. It’s true that they love us more than themselves. They understand the true definition of Friendship.

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