Mariela Cordero’s Poem

The first.


I am the first

I’m at the beginning

Of time

In the middle of the gloom

In the particle

Of this sunset

And to the edge

Of the collapse.


I am all

And none.





There is a name that I drink

Half solar alcohol, half secret water


There’s a name that I scream

Mixed in the bustle of the others


There is a name that I caress

Piece of forest

Warm and persistent


There is a name

River, sweet arrow and sweat.


A name

that devours

my name.


Sometimes I am


 sometimes I am



Sometimes I am


sometimes I am



Everything revolves, although

there are moments

where the skin feels like a burden

and tired eyes are closed

the days seem echoes


everything is moving impassively

and the time we exchanged


transforms us

in water


transforms us

in thirst.



Fragile as

the absolute


fragile as

the absolute


in this way



the caress

( Micropoems Prize in Spanish of the III contest TRANSPalabr @RTE 2015, Spain).



Mariela Cordero 1985 (Venezuela)

Mariela Cordero(1985), Venezuela,is a lawyer, poet, writer,translator and visual artist. She has won some literary awards:Third Prize of Poetry Alejandra Pizarnik Argentina (2014). First Prize at the Second Ibero-American Poetry Contest Euler Granda, Ecuador (2015). Second Prize of Poetry Concorso Letterario Internazionale Bilingüe Tracceperlameta Edizioni, Italy (2015) Micropoemas Prize in Spanish of the III contest TRANSPalabr @RTE 2015, Spain. First Place in International Poetry Contest  Hispanic Poets mention of literary quality, Spain 2016. Honorable Mention in the Guido Gozzano Literary Prize Italy (2018) Her poems have been published in various anthologies and literary magazines and have been translated into english, french, serbian, arabic, uzbek, russian and macedonian. She has published the poetry books The Body of doubt (2013) and The identical fire (2015)




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