Monjurul Islam Megh included Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival Jury Team

Staff Reporter : Monjurul Islam Megh, a Bangladeshi filmmaker and international film festival personality, has been appointed as a jury member of the prestigious Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival in Europe.

The festival will start on July 7 and will end on July 10. The festival will be held in the historic and ancient city of Naples on the shores of the Naples Sea in Italy.

Festival director Umberto Santacroce has appointed Monjurul Islam Megh from the Asia region as a jury member for the international full-length film competition section of the prestigious festival. Vittorio Adinolfi, Film competition coordinator, regularly co-ordination with Monjurul Islam Megh about the full-length film competition.

Festival Authorities had published a list of competition films list and international juries on the festival’s official website.  Earlier, Ashraf Shishir’s “Gariwala” and Tauquir Ahmed’s “Oggatonama” from Bangladesh won awards at this festival, this edition no getting any film nomination from Bangladesh. But this time Monjurul Islam Megh has been appointed as the only jury from Asia.

Monjurul Islam Megh said, “I have been a jury member in more than a dozen international film festivals before, but this time it has been very challenging for me to be a jury member of the festival.” Because hundreds of films from all over the world were submitted to this festival, the selection board shortlisted them, then the Nomination Board nominated 8 full-length films for the competition. We (Jury Panel) have to vote for Best full length film of the festival from this 8 films. Competing all films are very good, innovative, social awareness and artistic. Selected all film directed by internationally acclaimed directors. So, being able to represent the country as a jury in this prestigious festival in Europe will be a milestone in my life. I think the experience of this festival will play a role in my future path.

Megh added, the main competition of the festival is competing in the international full-length competition category ‘Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family)’ directed by Kim from South Korea, ‘Roe v. Wade’ directed by Nick Loeb, Cathy Allyn from United States, ‘McManus & Sons’ directed by Vkadimir Mistukov from Canada, ‘Il pesce pettine’ directed by Maria Pia Cerulo from Italy, ‘Rabbit’s Paw’ directed by Maria Pia Cerulo from Russian Federation, ‘Maquis’ directed by Rubén Buren from Spain, ‘Doctor Liza’ directed by Oksana Karas from Russian Federation, ‘The Director – Edipo’s seven mothers’ directed by Carlos Reyes – Leòn Alvarado from Mexico, ‘A.U.D.’ directed by Ammam MAJID from France.

Out of these 8 full-length films, 1 film will be won the best feature film award of the festival on the closing ceremony. Bangladeshi filmmaker Monjurul Islam Megh from Asia will be vote for the best feature film award.

Note that, Monjurul Islam Megh owner of Cinemaking, an International Film Festival Distribution company in Bangladesh. He is a founder and Festival Director of Cinemaking International Film Festival also.