New Zealand Poet Sue Zhu’s Poem

Each snowflake is accompanied by a metaphor 
By Sue Zhu 
A small white butterfly sleeping on my forehead
I do not think this is a dream.
The cicadas ring around the red cherry tree
a cloud of white butterflies stopping then falling down
It’s an unexpected moment with an unexpected meeting, no reason
For a long time, the idea of ​​writing has just been raised
Its silhouette straddles the light source in the distance, quickly disappears
Oh white small butterfly that
Has a noble and rich past life, flying out of the slender river of this life
Cross the sea, bring your own mission
For the sky
For the earth
Or just for one person
A big snow falls deeply in his heart
About Poet 
Sue Zhu, used to be TV presenter in China, now lives in Auckland. She is a member of the Chinese Poetry Association,The NZ–China Culture Exchange Association,The NZ Chinese Poetry Art Association, honorary director of The US-China Culture and Art Center. Founder of “NZ All Souls Poetry” club. Editor for some Chinese poetry clubs which come from China, Canada and New Zealand. Her poems were published in Chinese main newspaper and magazines such as People’s Daily, Poetry Selection, Chinese Poets, China Daily, international paper media such as the World Journal, International Daily News and in many counties including United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong and Macao. She is a multi award winner in the Chinese national poetry competitions.

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