Poets from across the world celebrate Panorama International Literature Festival

New Delhi: Reminding the global community the essential need of universal brotherhood and collective efforts to tackle global menaces, Panorama International Literature Festival concluded its 10-day long event gathering writers from across the world. The event was on the theme World As One Family inspired by the famed mantra from Vedic literature Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Hundreds of poets from across the world participated in the event that was conducted virtually this year due to the pandemic. Writers who presented their works also shared their messages to the global community. Panorama Global Literary Awards for best presentations during the festival were also announced during the festival. Apart from eminent writers, scholars will also present their views on the theme.

Greek writer and Panorama Global Lifetime Achievement Awardee Christos Sanos delivering his presentation at Panorama International Literature Festival.

The event was conducted jointly by Indus Scrolls Press, New Delhi and Writers Capital International Foundation, Italy. Through two major literary events in the country namely Panorama International Literature Festival (PILF) and Panorama National Literature Festival (PNLF), the organisers are aiming major transformation in the society through the media of literature.

While PLIF is dedicated to introducing various topics connected to humanitarian values, the national event is conducted to bolster national integrity among Indians who share diverse cultural values. Unlike traditional literary festivals, the programmes are designed to give writers a holistic experience by travelling around and learning the culture and tradition of the host country and state.

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