Rahul Verma From Nawada Bihar is Nominated For Padma Shri 2021 in Art Field

Special Correspondent : Rahul of Nawada has made a special identity in the artistic field. Many times the district has also been given a chance to be proud. But this time, the Government of India has also recognized Rahul’s works.

Yes, Rahul Verma has been nominated for Padma Shri, the country’s highest honor. Let us tell you that the Padma Shri Award is received by the Government of India for the people who illuminate the name of the country and do something special in their field. Like every year, this year too, special people have been nominated from across the country, in which Rahul Verma has also been included.

The names of the Padma Shri winner will be announced by the President of India on 26 January 2021. Rahul has been nominated to give this award in the field of art.

Film actor Rahul Verma says that I never thought that I would be nominated by the Indian government. But for me it is not less than any respect. I tried my best to fulfill my responsibility towards the society. But the Government of India understood my hard work, sacrifice and austerity, deemed me worthy, it is a matter of good fortune for me. I consider this as my greatest achievement. At the same time, listening to this news of Rahul, his family and friends are very happy.

Rahul’s father says that when he left science studies and stepped into acting, I did not even believe that it will progress in his career, but now I am proud of my son. It has not only increased the value of Bihar but also mine. Let us tell you that Rahul makes short films on social issues and his films have also been screened in the country and abroad.

Even before this, Rahul has received many national and international honors as well.

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