Teachers stolen the research of others. Where is our morality!!

Md Shamim Reza Khan : On July 24 at 5:55 pm my soul was shocked by a news of a fraud research was named “Research is meaningless without originality”. I thought it should be written. It seems to me a great offense to my country. There, it is said in full detail that allegations against Saurabh Hossain, lecturer, Dhaka University music department, he has accused for the research of others covered in his own name.
A search of the DBC TV news channel shows that in 2012, Pair number at shilpokola, the essay of “the Tabla gharana and tar badhon shilpi” is exactly the same number of pages from 53 to 63, as Indra Bhushan’s “Tabla Biggan”.
A book titled “Nazrul Sangeet Rager Bebohar” was published by former chairman of the same university, Lina Tapasi Khan (Mohsin Akhter Khanam), PhD. From this book the pages 197 to 244 total 48 pages are copied precisely from the book titled “Nazarul Songgiter Rager Bebohar” Thayaji by Kakoli Sen. Created by Shema das Mukhopadhyay named “Nazrul Sristo Rag” pages 169 to194 total 26 pages have been duplicated precisely. Many other inconsistencies have been highlighted in the DBC TV News channel, by which prove that their research is not a true fact moreover, that they have duplicated the research of others and continued in their own name.
On the October 3, 2019 reported by Abdullah Al-Zubair, report of the Daily Songbad, that my mind was made worse by seeing a PhD report on Research theft. Former Chairman of Dhaka University Music Department Professor Lina Tapasi (Muhsina Akhter Khanam) said, I wrote in MUKTO ALO on Monday, September 23, in Doinik Vorer Alo. In the news Nazrul researcher, Shema Prasad Mukhopaddhay has called for legal action against him.
Now my point is that Bangabandhu has 12 years in jail out of 55 years for this golden Bangla and we, maker human beings are doing unethical works. We do not expect such an unethical act from a university teacher. Why should a teacher accept a PhD degree in research with another?
the teachers of Dhaka University are stealing research papers for their PhDs, so, what morality should the students learn from these teachers? I am not saying that all teachers are bad people, I am talking about who are bad. We know that Shobhan, Rabbani, the former top leaders of the BCL – were expelled for corruption. the lack of education of morality is the main cause.
When strengthening hands of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, holding the ideology of the Father of the Nation father, Bangabandhu, the country was moving forward for the overall development. In this situation, irresponsible people were surprised. I hope that teachers of every educational institutions of the country, including Dhaka University, will not step down and teach the students as moral principles by being a true educator.
The University of Dhaka is called the Oxford University of the East. We used to dream in school life to be admitted in Dhaka University, yet most of the students of the country dream for this university. But today, when I see the news of Dhaka University teachers stealing researches from others, and students, teachers, administration, civil society are not protesting.
From the University of Dhaka, the language movement, liberation war and autocracy have been collapsed, and it is often seeing that some teachers have stolen others research in their own name. We are ordinary people have nothing to do. Moreover, we hope that our education minister Dr. Dipu Moni will stop all these types activities. Our hope must come true. Because our country is in hands of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. She will not allow to harm the golden boys of this country and their education. She is always doing works for the successes of the students, hopefully she will do it too.
Author: Poet and Politician
Translate: Reverie Ikbal

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